Sensual Temple

An online movement studio.



In a world that shames your sensual existence, Sensual Temple

is a chrysalis; here to hold the depths of your exploration into the empowered embodiment of your sensual movement revolution

Sensual Temple is an online studio, lead by Brenda Munson, that teaches erotic dance by way of sensual movement and somatic techniques. Collectively, this community overthrows the social script

of "sensual denial" for a new paradigm; "sensual liberation". Why?  Because sensuality is your birthright. Listen closely... movement is yours; movement belongs to you. Therefore, sensuality is yours and it is undeniably inherent to your existence (aka your birthright)!

At Sensual Temple you will be guided back to body trust; unearthing your movement's deepest rhythms. Your journey, much like learning a new language, may begin with a fundamental body language called, Liquid Motion®. Beyond foundational movement, classes evolve into exploring freestyle movement. By exploring movement prompts, assignments, and connection, you will become the master of your own fluent and authentic erotic flow. The result is community, witnessing, celebration, and sensual liberation. 

Sensual Temple is a 18+ community that welcomes womxn, femmes, trans folx and non-binary people. Sensual Temple is a place for ALL levels, bodies, sexual orientation, abilities and races. Movement modifications are always available.

Follow Your Body's Lead.

Sensuality Comes from Within

Instead of your body moving under your command, sensual movement

is moving with your body in command. Sensuality comes from within, and sensual movement is the embodied presence and a heightened awareness arising from your available senses. It is about being tuned in enough to follow the lead of your body’s sensations. When your sensuality leads, movement becomes less about where you are going or what you are doing, and rather about experiencing the wave of each movement; allowing that movement to lead you into another moment, and another and so on.

Somatic Techniques

With somatic techniques, you learn body-mind integration by bringing slowness, conscious listening, and intention to your movement. Intention can be driven by sensory, theory or emotional prompts. When applied, you begin to notice what’s happening in your body, in the moment, without getting stuck or checking out. It becomes about your felt experience rather than the external appearance or end-goal of the movement. 

*What's Somatic? The word somatic is derived from the Greek word sōmatikós, meaning “pertaining to the body”.

Erotic Dance

Erotic Dance is a synchronization of your body’s physical and emotional pleasures channeled through movement. [more?]

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Your Movement Revolution Is Here.

There are currently 2 types of classes at Sensual Temple; Foundations and Fluency.

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New? Start with the Foundations class.

In this 75-minute class, students will learn the fundamentals of Liquid Motion®. Class is made up of body conditioning, lateral movement, intricate floor sequences, exploration of sensual movement, proper engagement techniques and an understanding of total body awareness.

Who is this Class is for? 

Newbies (no experience ok!)

or dancers looking to expand their movement vocabulary


Suggested Ability Range:

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Class Length


What to Wear?

Your Favorite Movement Clothes!


What to Bring?

Exercise mat + Knee Pads


$10 First Class 

Included in membership + class-packs

I facilitate your progression from Foundation to Fluency.



Ready to get out of your head? Start here.

In this 75-minute class, students will learn the fundamentals of Liquid Motion®. Class is made up of body conditioning, lateral movement, intricate floor sequences, exploration of sensual movement, proper engagement techniques and an understanding of total body awareness.

Who is this Class is for? 

Movers comfortable with litte technical breakdown, eager for prompt focused direction


Suggested Ability Range:

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Class Length


What to Wear?

Erotic movement clothes 

What to Bring?

Exercise mat + Knee Pads, optional heals, possible assignment material


$10 First Class 

Included in membership + class-packs

What Students Have Said...

 I am down in Southern California healing and recouping from this crazy year. I year that asked so much of me and of us all. I am swimming in the ocean, I am playing with the moon, and I am using the movement you taught me. And I am bringing myself back to life. And so I wanted to thank you; for the magic and the medicine you have shared with me, for the permission you’ve given me, for the freedom you’ve shown me. I am grateful beyond words.

–Emily B.

Brenda creates such sacred space in which we can explore all dimensions of feminine expression. She encourages us to connect with and reveal our true self and our intuitive, sensual goddess within.  In class I feel I can let go of ego, competition, comparisons, feeling self-conscious and shame; they all fall away as her voice and the music awaken something deep inside of me. I am often brought to tears as emotions move and flow out of my body.  I always feel refreshed, centered and more in tune with my body and spirit after class. Brenda is a spark of light that ignites passion in her students.  She is a true inspiration! I encourage anyone to take her classes. Step out of the mold and let your light shine!

–Corrina P.

When I started with Brenda, I had taken a taster class, and from that first experience, it was something I have never felt in my life: feeling that connected to my body and the feminine power that I logically knew was there, but had never tapped into this deeply. That part is magical! I have tried LOTS of movements, and nothing has felt like this. I finally feel like I am becoming whole!

                                                                           -Karen H.      

I love the opportunity it gives me to get outside of my home routine… wife, mother...etc. It’s nice to have the excuse to stretch out and express myself in a different way than I do in my life.


-Tricia W.

It lights up a whole part of me that has

not had a lot of light. It’s so nourishing. 

The invitation, permission, encouragement to move my body in ways simply for myself, to love my body, to touch my body, to do whatever the hell sounds good! These subtle shifts are so profound. 


It’s real and I can’t go back anymore.


-Sasha F.

I love the opportunity to be with myself and to build a relationship with my own body. It's like moving in ways that feel good without shame.

                                                  -Zoe G.

Membership & Offerings


About your facilitator. 

Brenda Munson is a Body Connection Coach, waking women up to their ecstatic, sensual, turned-on life. She teaches women how to liberate their lives through practices that deeply connect and anchor them into their bodies.


This work opens gateways to self-healing, unbreakable body love and unapologetic expression.  

Brenda works with brilliantly courageous women, who are willing to take radical ownership over their lives and re-educate their sleeping goddess within. Her students and private clients seek out her intuitive guidance and expertise in facilitating potent transformations.

Brenda has been guiding students through the most soulful and intuitive style of pole dance; unlocking their full, free, erotic expression for almost 8 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for sensual movement dancers looking for tangible tools to get out of your head and into the flow of your unique erotic body voice. If you find yourself over thinking where to go next, feel self conscious, or want to get to know your movement archetype, then this was made for you! *Prerequisite: Has taken classes with me in the past, or any other S Factor class, and considers themselves a level 2+ .

What tangable information will I learn?

Day 1: Techniques and tools to get out of your head to follow your body. Day 2: Archetype definitions and erotic body voice identifaciation for deeper understand of your own desires and movement style.

How is this different than classes I've taken before?

This retreat is meant to be a deeper and more transformational experience. Normally my classes consist of a warm up and then individual or group dances with feedback. For this 2 part virtually retreat, each day there will be lectures, definitions, open discussion, journaling and prompt focused movement exploration. (Don't worry, you will still get a delicious warm up and many opportunities to dance too!)

What if I can't make both days?

Then you can buy a ticket to just one day! Click Here for Saturday September 12th, 6-9:30pm Click Here for Sunday September 13th, 6-9:30pm

What is the investment?

For the 2 part virtual weekend retreat, the investment is $297.

Where will the retreat be held?

Virtually, via Zoom! When you sign up, a link will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Why should I attend?

Because this is what you asked for! There was an overwhelming consensus that this student base desired more tangible tools to follow your body’s lead. And you equally desired a deeper understanding of your erotic body voice through archetype exploration. This is my last offering before I go on maternity leave, so come join the journey!

Is there a payment plan?

I made this for you! So If you desire to attend and need a payment plan, please email me at brenda@sensual-self.com and we will discuss what your needs are.

What should I do if I'm on the fence about signing up?

Email me at brenda@sensual-self.com and we can schedule a time to have an intimate conversation and discuss if this is the right next step for you.

What Do I Wear?