Core Values.

This is my promise to you and it is only the beginning...

I will never proclaim I have the only way to anything. Therefore, what I teach is

not the only way to heal, not the only way to learn self love, not the only way to embodiment, and not the only way to learn how to flow. There are many ways,

and this is one of many support systems you may choose to utilize. 


I will (and continue to) celebrate, acknowledge and stand in solidarity with the history of erotic movement, and the sex workers who lead the way, and paved the path, for this movement to exist. 

I will not misrepresent my classes or any journey I facilitate.


I am currently enrolled in a Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠  certification program and will continue to educate myself in this space.

I will always give students deep attention, no matter what “level” they are in.

I will never push any student to their edge where I can not responsibly guide them through. I will refer to an appropriate professional.


I will teach body connection via sensual somatic movement.


I will teach foundational technical body language as a platform for students to jump from. Initiating/introducing prompts for students to (gently) learn body trust.

I will celebrate al levels and styles of movement. There is no ”good or bad” “right or wrong” way to dance, pole dance or move.

I will always ask for consent when sharing ideas with students that may guide them towards connecting with their bodies more deeply.