S Factor® Licensed Teacher and a Liquid Motion® Certified Instructor.

Brenda Munson has been teaching sensual movement and body immersed

flow since 2012, awakening bodies to the brilliance of their personal and unique flow. As an S Factor® teacher she has guided students through the most soulful and intuitive style of pole dance; opening the female body into her full, free, erotic expression. Brenda has been teaching S Factor for over 6 years and became certified in Liquid Motion® in early 2018.

A Special Message From Brenda

I am a flowing feminine.

When I listen to music my body instantly begins to flow in a delicious and authentic way. I’m able to let my body move without any preconceived plan

or self consciousness and you know what? It feels amazing.

This wasn’t always me. Before I learned how to move in ways that felt good

to ME, I remember feeling so self conscious going dancing with friends, trying to copy movement that felt awkward in my body...just to blend in! One time, I even mimicked a YouTube video of a woman dancing burlesque so I could try and dance “sexy” for my partner at the time. When that "performance" went horribly and embarrassing wrong, I knew there must be a better way to feel more confident and connected to my body.

So, I went on a journey: 

-I tried all kinds of yoga... 

-I tried all kinds of hip hop classes... 

-I was even ready to join an ashram!


Everything changed the moment I discovered a feminine movement class called S Factor®, which encouraged me to move in a way that FELT yummy to me. I instantly dove into the world of embodied movement and soon formed a deep and loving connection to my body. I learned how to let go of what looked good and instead learned to trust my body to move in ways that felt good.

Adding the layer of Liquid Motion to my movement practice has given me more body language to move into deeper and richer flow. What I desire is for each of my students to feel free and connected to their bodies, and in their movement. My hope is that you feel empowered and delicious whether you are alone or being witnessed.

If you feel connected to me, my story, or this style of movement, I would invite you to come learn useful movement language that will allow YOU to turn on music and move to the rhythm of your authentic body.

Come feel good with me.



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