Turned-On: The Experience!

A 6-week sacred sisterhood group program.

March 30th - May 10th 2020

Leave boring, unaroused, repressed behind and wake up to your ecstatic, sensual, turned-on life! 

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • Even after all the work, self-judgment is STILL there.  

  • You Aren’t comfortable naked... so you still hide your ass in front of a lover

  • Even laying in bed alone, you still feel stigma around self touch

  • You aren’t sure how to show up confidently in ALL compartments of your life

  • You get overwhelmed by thoughts during intimacy

  • You are looking for deep, soulful, sisterhood connection! I’m talking profound support and love

What if it didn't have to be that way?

What if you could cultivate a new life standard by...

  • In full acceptance of your body (finally)

  • Forever worshiping your naked body’s reflection

  • Listening and respecting your body’s requests

  • Co-existing with your feminine energy

  • Feeling safe in your body

  • Knowing how to anchor and access your erotic energy

  • Feel empowered and radiantly turned-on (anywhere)

  • Heal your sisterhood wound, once and for all!


Turned-On: The Experience is a 6-week sacred sisterhood group mentorship program to guide awakening women into their fully realized sensual selves! During our 6 weeks together you will learn to master each of the following pillars:

Week 1: Mindset

Setting up your mind for unwavering body love.

Week 2: Guardianship 

Redefine safety in your body.

Week 3: Body Awareness 

Undeniably knowing the in’s and outs of yourself.

Week 4: Sensual Awakening

Everlasting embodiment of your innate senses.

Week 5: Erotic Living 

Uncovering your pleasure for daily cultivation.

Week 6: Turn-On

Consciously integrating your new found discoveries for unapologetic living. 

+ 3-day Immersion Retreat in Portland, OR!

Here is what you can expect:

All the Juicy Details.

  • weekly Group Calls Via Zoom

  • guided movement and meditations

  • Intimate Facebook group for weekly assignments and prompts

  • Sisterhood / Partnering Exercises

  • 3 day sisterhood immersion in Portland, OR

  • Unlimited 1:1 Voxer access to me for first few founding members!


Because I only work with womxn who are soul mates and ready to do the work with me by their side,

I have an intimate and sacred conversation with every woman who is interested, to see if we’re a delicious fit.

If you are ready to go ALL IN on yourself, then here we go baby...let's do this! Book your free 60-min "Awaken Your Sacred Self" Zoom call with me by clicking any of the link below. We'll have a sacred conversation about where you are at, where you want to be and if this experience is right for you.